Enduro France Ltd

the motorcycle off road experience

The Enduro France Ltd Rider’s Charter

1. The aim of the holiday is to ride along some of the best tracks of the Massif Central in France with fantastic scenery ; it is not intended to be a racing event or a competition.

2. The riding experience will use roads and public tracks therefore the right hand side of roads and tracks will have to be used at all times , in case of oncoming riders .

3. “Public tracks” as per the french definition means that it is authorised to ride , unless clearly specified that is it forbidden (signed then by a round white road sign with a red circle on the outside) in this area . The track will have been established taking into consideration those restrictions , but if for some reason riders become lost and come across such forbidden tracks an alternative route would need to be found.

4. Public tracks can be used in both directions , which means riders are aware of this at all times .Riders must be in control of their own bike in case there are walkers , children , horse riders , mountain bike riders , tractors , 4×4 , quads , even hunters and hunting dogs running free .

5. It is recommended to stop your engine each time you meet with other users on the public track .This behaviour will maintain positive relations towards locals

6. All motorbikes will need to be road registered for day and night use . They must have a registration plate , valid insurance certificate , front and rear lights in working condition, with brakes light , legal exhaust pipe , F.I.M. tyres and MOT for bike more than 3 years old. Rider to hold a valid EU driving licence

7. It is the responsibility of the rider to make sure the bike is in good an safe condition

8. Any rider will need to keep the driving licence , insurance certificate and log book with them at all time while riding as this is a French law requirement . A copy of those documents is usually acceptable to the local police.

9. Riders will have to keep their EHIC card with them which entitle them to free medical treatment in France

10. Despite tracks being public , you cannot expect those to be maintained as public roads , therefore you will encounter natural hazards (ruts , mud , flooded areas , logs or even trees fallen across the tracks …) Branches are likely to be stepping out of the side of the track , they are a natural hazard , mainly for the riders eyes , and it is then requested each rider to wear his/her goggles at all time

11. Over a 3 day weekend riders are likely to do as much as 400km , therefore the organisation cannot check the state of all tracks prior to riders using them . It is the rider’s responsibility to make sure they don’t ride beyond their ability and are prepared to stop or avoid any unforeseen danger which may appear.

12. If a tree is blocking the track it is acceptable to go around the obstacle to carry on . However ,it is not authorised to ride in the middle of fields or woodlands if there is no tracks.

13. The track will occasionaly use small sections of roads and go through villages where road rules will apply. No overtaking is allowed in villages and local speed limits will apply . In order to maintain a good image and relationship with villagers and local authorities , it is requested that all riders keep the sound of the bikes as low as possible when entering hamlets , villages and towns .

14. Enduro France Ltd will not provide any alcohol for lunch . It is recommended for each rider not to have any alcohol during lunch.

15. During the evening , it is recommended to have a sensible level of alcohol to be fit to ride the following morning to ensure that a maximum riding experience is achieved for all.

16. As per the new French regulation applicable from 1st July 2012 , it is now compulsory to have a breathalyser at all time when riding .

17. It is the riders responsibility to declare any relevant medical condition to Enduro France Ltd prior to their stay . Enduro France Ltd cannot be held responsible for any medical problem related to this pre existing medical condition.

18. All riders must understand that if they do not abide by the Enduro France Ltd Rider’s Charter they may be asked to leave the holiday without a refund and will be excluded from participating in any future Enduro France Ltd activities.