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Welcome to Enduro France , the motorcycle off-road experience

Posted by on Feb 6, 2013

Welcome to Enduro France ,  the  motorcycle off-road experience

Enduro France Ltd was created in 2011 after Richard Criq took  British friends for a long week-end ride in the French countryside that he knows so well . They loved it so much , they convinced him to set up a business to take riders along those same countryside lanes !

Richard is the french owner of the business and farmhouse and he will be your guide during your stay if you plan a visit with him.

He is an ACU enduro commercial coach who has been sharing his life for the past 5 years between France, where he rides on a regular basis and the UK where he lives with his wife Isabelle and his 4 kids who  all enjoy racing offroad motorcycles in France , England and Wales.

Richard wants to share his passion for offroad riding and this area of France he has been riding in for 25 years , and will endeavor to show you some of the best views from the top of the surrounding mountains and will get you to cross fantastic rivers, taking in breathtaking scenery.