Enduro France Ltd

the motorcycle off road experience

What we Offer

Enduro France Ltd offer you the opportunity to ride in what is probably the best french countryside for offroad motorcycling (enduro , green laning , trail or trial). For those of you who have never ridden outside the UK , it is important to mention that all tracks are public pathways , which means offroad motorbikes have a full right to use those tracks as long as they are road registered and insured motorbikes. This also means there are no gates to open but those tracks can be used by others , which means we have to adjust our behaviour accordingly .Very few tracks are forbidden due to the nature of the wilderness or because it is private , in which case we stay away from those areas… but don’t worry , there is more than enough fantastic tracks all around not to be bothered about those we cannot use !

We will guide you across this huge area which is Forez Livradois and will adjust the difficulties , the distances and the schedule to what suits you best.

We will adjust  to your requirements , this is to say you need to let us know when you want to start in the morning , if you prefer a proper break for lunch in a typical little restaurant (auberge) or a quick packed lunch , if you want to stop on a regular basis to take pictures or if you just want to ride as much as possible …

We are here to make the experience a pleasurable one !

If you book as a group , then these will be the only riders that will ride with us. (we do not mix groups)

We usually operate on a 3 day weekend Friday to Sunday or Saturday to Monday , but we will consider any request you might have as we are flexible and willing to discuss options .

We have 4 enduro bikes available to rent  ( 3 Yamaha 250 WR-F and 1 Suzuki 400DRZ ) . These are available for any experienced rider 21 years of age and over . We provide third party insurance for the motorbikes . These bikes are all maintained by a professional mechanic and due to the nature of the usage of the motorbikes , they have the usual scratches but are more than  fit for the purpose .

A deposit will be required if you decide to rent a bike and any damage incurred will be charged to you .


What we expect from you :

We want to make sure you have the best memories  of your stay with us , we also expect you to tell us what is the real ability of the group

We strongly recommend all riders to get mousse tyres front and back as the risk of puncture is high due to the nature of the ground and changing inner tubes will significantly delay the group , reducing the days ride time.

We are proud to maintain excellent relations with all villagers and locals we come across , and we would expect you to have a positive attitude while riding but also whilst visiting  bars or restaurants.

We strongly recommend you to bring along a camelback and a few energy bars to make sure you last all day !

We would recommend you bring your own personal safety gear  as this is not provided by ourselves.